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Each wedding is unique so our packages are bespoke. You can build the perfect package with the available options below.

Base Package

To keep things simple, we have a single base package that includes full coverage of as much of the day as you would like us there for. From this package you will receive our cinematic love story and your speeches in full. We then have a selection of additional films that can be added to build the exact package you would like.

Cinematic Love Story

Our Cinematic Love story is designed to give the most memorable moments of your wedding pieced perfectly together in an easy watched format, that may be simply shared with friends and family. It will capture the entire story of your day using music alongside audio from your ceremony and speeches to guide the story. The story of your day will dictate the length of this film. I would never want to cut a great story short due to time constraints, and, equally, I would never want to dilute a story just to reach a minimum length. However, most of the time I find this film is between 5 and 10 minutes long.

Speeches Film

This video will simply provide a complete view of your entire Speeches. Combining multiple camera angles to show each moment, watch your reaction for the best man’s funny comment, or your parents tear up as you thank them.

Package Price £1795

Additional Films

Preview Film

We know it can be a long wait to get your main film, therefore this film is delivered 24-48 hours after your wedding day. By carefully selecting the highlights from the day and pairing alongside the perfect song this 1-minute-long preview film gives a hint of the essence of your wedding and allows you to share happy memories soon after the big day. Perfect for use on social media or just to keep on your phone to relive the day anytime. 


Ceremony Film

We know that the ceremony can be one of the most emotional parts of the day, this film will allow you to relive every moment, providing a complete view of your entire ceremony. Combining multiple camera angles and audio sources ensuring the best angle for each moment and the cleanest audio possible. Therefore, allowing for an uninterrupted experience bringing all those emotions flooding back. 


Feature Film

Designed to give a complete picture of your day this story brings a modern twist on a traditional film. Using cinematic montage mixed alongside your full ceremony and speeches to show every aspect of your day. We have greater freedom to personalise your video, so you have more of what matters to you included. The length of this film is dependent upon the content of your day, generally this results in a film between 30 and 90 minutes.


The Extras

Second Videographer

This guarantee’s a second videographer to attend on the day of your wedding. This means that you can have greater coverage allowing for filming of both bride Prep and Groom prep if they are at separate locations. Or extended coverage of each.

This will also allow for an extra camera angle throughout the day including during the ceremony and even the speeches which can result in lots of extra footage of you and your guests.


Personalised USB

All your wedding videos together on a beautiful keepsake, this wooden USB will be engraved with you and your partners name and delivered in a matching wooden box with a few highlights of your day on printed paper.


Adventure Session

An adventure session will give you a chance to have an hour, one on one with us in a stunning location and get used to what it is like to be in front of the camera.

You will get a 1-minute video from this session and a few photos.

Memories that will last a lifetime.


Build the perfect package to capture your day

All our packages begin with the base package as standard. Please select the additional options you would like below.